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  • Vomiting Once a Week

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shih tzu Pet Symptoms: Vomiting about once a week Our Advice: Do you change the food gradually for over 5 to 10 days? Does Toby eat things  that he is not suppose to out in  a walk … Continue reading

  • How to Calm Down a Female Dog in Heat

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pugle Pet Symptoms: My neighbor’s female dog is in heat, how do I calm my male dog down enough to eat and sleep? Our Advice: There is not a lot that you can do to calm him … Continue reading

  • Trembling and Loss of Appetite

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mixed Pet Symptoms: Trembling for no reason and not eating Our Advice: Sometimes dogs are shaking and refusing to eat if they are in pain. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment.

  • Walking in Tight Circles

    Animal: Dog Breed: Jack Russel Pet Symptoms: My Jack Russell is 17 yrs old. She walks in tight circles over and over till I pick her up. Our Advice: This could be a sign for very bad ear infection vestibular … Continue reading

  • Diarrhea and Vomiting

    Animal: Cat Breed: Moggy Pet Symptoms: My cat has vomited and pood all over the floor in the utility room where we keep him last night, I think he has diahrea as the poo is very runny and all over … Continue reading

  • Depression

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mitchell schnauzer Pet Symptoms:I had two dogs one was a West Highland terrier and one is a miniature schnauzer the West Highland Terrier has died to weeks ago and the miniature schnauzer seems really depressed how long … Continue reading

  • Neck Strain

    Animal: Dog Breed: Yorkie/poodle Pet Symptoms: strain in the neck. she is walking fine, even running, no pain in tummy legs paws. she yelps when she jumps off the sofa or trys to shake her head Our Advice: This could … Continue reading

  • Foreign Body in the GIT

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mixed terrier (jack russell/poodle) Pet Symptoms: I’ve had Farley since July 2013. He was with the animal Samaritans as he had been attacking the other dog he lived with on a daily basis. He had no known … Continue reading

  • Infection Post-Castration

    Animal: Dog Breed: Rottweiler Pet Symptoms: My dog has just been castrated and now he has yellow/green puss coming from his penis and discharge in his eyes. What could it be? Our Advice: That could be infection. I would advise … Continue reading

  • Problem with Back Legs

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mini dashound Pet Symptoms: Tree big yelps she was just playing with her toys wobbley on her back legs ok when running but standing they r hard to support her vet pulled her around an checked her … Continue reading

  • Cat Seems to be Getting Old

    Animal: Cat Breed: Orange. gold eyes Pet Symptoms: Hi there, I have an old male ginger cat thiat in the past year as had a external growth on is outter ear that has grown bigger. Latley he has been limping … Continue reading

  • Increased RBC count, Vomiting and Blood in Stool


  • Low Temperature in Cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Persian Pet Symptoms: Low temp Our Advice: Temperature can be low in cats if they are poisoned or if they have very bad infection or heart failure. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment … Continue reading

  • Will Raw Meat Harm My Cats?

    Animal: Cat Breed: Arabian mau and persion Pet Symptoms: I just gave my cats raw meat that was frozen and De-frozed 3 or 4 times ,, and i didn’t know about it.. I am mostly more concer of the persion … Continue reading

  • Cat on Heat for the First Time

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: My cat is going through heat for the first time. Is there anything i can do for her? Our Advice: If you do not want to breed your cat I would advise you … Continue reading

  • Senility Dementia

    Animal: Dog Breed: Schnuzer Pet Symptoms: Seems to think there’s things on the floor when there’s nothing there. Our Advice: Sometime in slightly older dogs this might be a neurological symptom or a sign for senility dementia. I would advise … Continue reading

  • Bleeding Pregnant Cat

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: I have a pregnant cat that is bleeding what do i do? Our Advice: How far pregnant is the cat? Sometime they are bleeding just before the start of the labour. If she … Continue reading

  • Unvac Reaction

    Animal: Dog Breed: Minpen and Chihuahua Shih Tzu and Chihuahua Pet Symptoms: We gave puppies 5 unvac seris shot on the second series two of the three puppies became disoriented and there muscle control game abnormal they act as if … Continue reading

  • Increased Appetite, Sleeping a Lot and Loss of Interest

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: Hi I have a 1 yr old female cat called ginger, she is usually playful wants out all the time and Doe Doesn’t come to me often but recently she is different:( she … Continue reading

  • Strange Cat

    Animal: Cat Breed: Unknown Pet Symptoms: I have a strange cat case. We found a stray cat walking in circles in our front yard. He won’t eat and rarely opens his eyes. When he does open his eyes, I don’t … Continue reading