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  • Dog Became Sad After Shaving

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shitt. Zu bison Pet Symptoms: My dog had to get shaved at the groomers and now he’s hiding, a tine weird, ears down no wagging tail, looks sad and will not eat. He keeps wiping his butt … Continue reading

  • Stress or in Season

    Animal: Cat Breed: calico/tabby Pet Symptoms: I got Roxie from someone who was giving her away. When we got her, her personality completely changed within a few days. She was calm before and now every time we go to bed … Continue reading

  • Blood When Urinating

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shitsu/Bichon Frise Pet Symptoms: Around Xmas time I noticed that my small dog had blood when she was urinating, I took her to vet and he gave her antibiotics for bladder infection for a period of 2 … Continue reading

  • Claw Trimming

    Animal: Cat Breed: Moggy Pet Symptoms: Nails are long Our Advice: Info on claw trimming from the feline advisory bureau can be found here – including video guides: Alternatively, this can be done at a groomers or vets.  Scratch … Continue reading

  • Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema

    Animal: Dog Breed: Miniature Pinscher Pet Symptoms: My 12 year old miniature pinscher has chronic bronchites and now unfortunately has emphysema and is on borrowed time, however is is still alert and can run about, she is on flixotide and … Continue reading

  • Deworming

    Animal: Dog Breed: Morkie Pet Symptoms: Gave my 5 week old morkie pyrantel pamoate suspension today and a few hours later he pooped out a huge pile o worms is he better or will he still be pooping out worms, … Continue reading

  • Very Sore and Swollen Testicles

    Animal: Dog Breed: dash hound-jack russel Pet Symptoms: My male dog in otherwise perfect health urinateing and stool fine but his testicles very sore and swoolen i do have a unfixed female in the same house but shes not in … Continue reading

  • Friskies that was left outside over night and froze

    Animal: Cat Breed: mixed Pet Symptoms: just wondering if it is okay to feed cat from an unopened can of Friskies that was accidentally left outside over night and froze. Our Advice: That will be fine as long as you … Continue reading

  • Extremely Frightened

    Animal: Dog Breed: mix french bulldog/beagle Pet Symptoms: OK so i have a rescue dog she is about 8 or 9 years old . shes a french bulldog mix with beagle. as i said shes a rescue dog . of … Continue reading

  • Chewing the Top of His Tail

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shih tzu Pet Symptoms: I have an 8 month old male shih Tzu called louie. 5 days ago I had him castrated and chipped. Every thing went fine and I was surprised how lively he was when … Continue reading

  • Dog Fretting after an Old dog Died

    Animal: Dog Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: My old dog died 2 days ago in the house he was 14yrs my pup who is 2yrs is fretting but my 1yr is not is this normal and wat can i do? … Continue reading

  • Vomiting, Lethargy and Fast Breathing

    Animal: Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Pet Symptoms: minnie has fever, she tries to vomit like when cats have a hairball and they try to trow it out its exactly how she does it, she did manage to vomit once 2 … Continue reading

  • Vomiting Thrice a Week

    Animal: Dog Breed: Australian shepard Pet Symptoms: Puking three times and weak just since tonite Our Advice: If Tippy is still vomiting I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment. This could be pancreatitis or gastroenteritis. If she … Continue reading

  • Vomiting Bile

    Animal: Cat Breed: Bombay Pet Symptoms: he has been puking up green mucus looking stuff Our Advice: This is bile. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment. This could be pancreatitis gastroenteritis or antifreeze poisoning.

  • Hypothyroid Dog Gaining Weight

    Animal: Dog Breed: Part chichaua Pet Symptoms: My mothers dog has been on Satiety dog food for a month and gained almost a pound.She is on thyroid treatment but at last visit was in good range.Can you tell me why … Continue reading

  • Allergic Reaction to Treats

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomarainen Pet Symptoms: My dog has eaten a packet of cat dreamies treats and is panting and scratching alot Our Advice: It sound like your dog is having allergic reaction to something in the treats. I would … Continue reading

  • Urinating on the Floor

    Animal: Dog Breed: kingcharles cavaleir spaniel Blenheim Pet Symptoms:  He has always been a clean dog but just lately he has started weeing on the floor in the house he has a slight heart murmur and he has the thing … Continue reading

  • Normal Gum Colour

    Animal: Dog Breed: jack x yorki Pet Symptoms: What colour gums should be on a 6month old jack x yorki Our Advice: Normal colour of the gums is pink. Some dogs have black pigmentation as well.

  • Is Japanese Knotweed Toxic for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs?

    Animal: Rabbit Breed: Unknown Pet Symptoms: There is nothing wrong with the rabbit I just want a bit of advice I am looking to put my rabbit and guinea pigs outside when the weather gets warmer in a large outdoor … Continue reading

  • Vomiting, Diarrhea and Loss of Appetite

    Animal: Dog Breed: Schnoodle Pet Symptoms: My 8 month old schnoodle has recently become ill, it has had vomiting, a little diarrhea and loss of appetite, tonight it will have been 24 hours since the symptoms started. First he was … Continue reading