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  • Cat Blindness

    Animal: Cat Breed: Moggy Pet Symptoms: Hi I have a very old cat, she is 20 years old. Over the last year or so she has gone blinds, she occasionally bumps into things around the house but does not seem … Continue reading

  • Not Eating

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mixed Pet Symptoms: I have recently bought 3 kittens, all female and from the same litter. There are 2 longhair and one shorthair (Jasmine). They all seemed to have settled in to their new environment well, they … Continue reading

  • Lumps

    Animal: Dog Breed: Golden Retriever Pet Symptoms: Hi, my 2 month old golden retriever puppy has developed a lump in his groin area, to one side of his penis. it is about the size of a marble and red. It … Continue reading

  • Shaking when breathing

    Animal: Dog Breed: Springer Spaniel Pet Symptoms: My parents have gone out for the evening, I am looking after their dog and he is shaking when he breathes in, The vets are closed should I call out the emergency number … Continue reading

  • Plaque and Bad Breath

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mongrel Pet Symptoms: I have a 15 year old cat who had a partial thyroidectomy last September. He also had his teeth descaled and one removed in October. He now has quiet a lot of plaque and … Continue reading

  • Chronic Inflammation

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pug Pet Symptoms: I have an 18mth old Pug bitch. Overall, she’s healthy. My concern is this. When she runs, she will lift up her back right leg. She doesn’t do this when she’s walking, she walks … Continue reading

  • Cleft Lip

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffordishire Bull Pet Symptoms: I have a one day old puppy that has a cleft lip she doesnt seem to have a cleft pallet. She wasn’t suckling of her mother but has taken milk from a tube. … Continue reading

  • Retriever got Tripped

    Animal: Dog Breed:  Golden retriever Pet Symptoms: My retriever tripped going out of the patio door and landed wrongly on his foot.he now wont stand or walk on it to go out even for a wee.What can i try at … Continue reading

  • Cat Positioning Leg Up

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: He has his leg up. Our Advice: If Kayleigh is not using his leg it might be broken or he might have been bitten by anther cat. I would advise you to take him … Continue reading

  • Bad Diarrehea

    Animal: Dog Breed: German Shepherd Pet Symptoms:  Hi. My six month old pup has had some really bad diarrhea today. She chewed up a rubber handle yesterday and we did not see her eat any of it, but if she … Continue reading

  • Fur Sloughing Off

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffie Pet Symptoms: my dog lost some fir on his neck, and where the fir has come away it’s weeping black in places. Our Advice:  It sound like Rad might have pyodermia. This is bacterial infection on … Continue reading

  • Swollen Tail

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bullmastiff Pet Symptoms: My bullmastiff as a swollen tail top end near is bum and in alot of pain i cant get him in the car to the vets he just crys really loud in pain can … Continue reading

  • Aggressive Cat

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms: Hi i have recently bought a British blue neutered female cat..she was 18 months old at the time. i have had her for 7 months & in that time she has constantly attacked … Continue reading

  • Unsettled During Nighttime

    Animal: Dog Breed: English Springer Spaniel Pet Symptoms: For a couple of weeks now she is very unsettled during night. Since she was a puppy she has been sleeping in the kitchen, a year ago i moved to the bedroom … Continue reading

  • Lump on Tail

    Animal: Dog Breed: German shepherd Pet Symptoms: There is a lump on her tail Our Advice:  The lump could be inflammatory or a tumour. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment. They will check the lump and … Continue reading

  • Panic Attacks

    Animal: Dog Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: My dog is having panic attacks and is trying to chew into the house. She has cut her self up a little and I am at a loss tried calming pills and the … Continue reading

  • Smelly Bum and Two Black Lumps

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: My 4month old kitten has a smelly bum and also I found today two black lumps Our Advice: Unless if the kitten have diarrhoea the smell is probably from infected anal glands. I would … Continue reading

  • Can feline calicivirus be passed on to humans?

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not specified Pet Symptoms: Can feline calicivirus be passed on to humans, especially if they are immune deficient? Our Advice: This is a feline virus that affect only cats.

  • Cut on Right Back Leg

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bichon Pet Symptoms: Hi. My name is Taler and I have 1 yo Bichin named Eli. I was grooming him today and accidentally cut his right back leg. It bled only for a moment but it looks … Continue reading

  • Red Bump, Bleeds Every Now and Then

    Animal: Dog Breed: Blue nose Pitbull Pet Symptoms: Hi my dog has a red bump and it bleeds every now and then she is 1 years old and have had it for 2 or 3 weeks now. I don’t know … Continue reading