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At Talk To The Vet we understand that pets are a big part of your family and we strive to help in anyway we can when it comes to your pet’s health. On this page you will find over 50 articles professionally written and updated by practice experts and veterinary experts to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

Talk To The Vet are dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of your cat, dog or small animal. We hope the information provides you with essential information on how to properly care for you pet and help you find all the expert advice you need to ensure you have a healthy pet all year round.

  • Cat bite

    From Emma with cat Bubble Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: My cat got a cat bite a week ago, seemed fine after i disinfected it, then started limping last Saturday, went to the vet and she said cat bite, gave him … Continue reading

  • Prostate cancer

    From Ian with dog Baxter Breed: Scottish Terrier Pet Symptoms: Prostate cancer. Tried: Is there anything that can be done to cure him? Our Advice: Thank you for your email. I’m sorry to hear that Baxter has prostate cancer. This … Continue reading

  • Guinea pigs to eat their own faeces!

    From Karhryn with Guinea pig Lightning Pet Symptoms: He is eating his poop Tried: Our other guinea pigs took an infection and died this week, six have died and three are ok. None of their symptoms were eating poop, so … Continue reading

  • Nail cutting

    From Michael with dogs Lily and Xena Breed: Rottweiler Pet Symptoms: I am just wondering if Johnsons veterinary antibacterial powder is the same as styptic powder? as my local pet shop said it was the same but i just want … Continue reading

  • Excessive thirst

    From Berni with cat OB Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: Drinking water constantly. Tried: Giving lots of water. Our Advice: Thank you for your email. Excessive thirst can be a sign of several underlying problems – in an older cat the … Continue reading

  • Red painful eyes

    From Olivia with dog Genieveive Breed: English springer spaniel Pet Symptoms: Red eyes Third eyelid showing and covering 1/3 of the eyes Dropping eyelids Lazy eye Tried: Dabbing eye with warm water. Our Advice: Thank you for your email. The … Continue reading

  • Pain in the back legs and lower back

    From Hannah with cat Squeak Breed: Ferral Pet Symptoms: She’s walking very slowly all of a sudden, every step she is taking, she is stretching out her back legs. She also looks like she is in pain when I try … Continue reading

  • Yellow lumps

    From Andrew with cat Mollie Pet Symptoms: About a week ago i notice some bizarre yellow lumps that looked like fungus (possibly with black dots in the middle of them on what I would call my cat’s bottom lower lip, … Continue reading

  • Rapid breathing and weight loss

    From Berni with cat Laya Breed: Domestic tabby Pet Symptoms: Rapid breathing, weight loss. Tried: Keeping her cool. Our Advice: Thanks for your email. Similar to OB, Laya’s symptoms could be due to a number of conditions. When it comes … Continue reading

  • Tick Removal

    From Emily with dog Maggie Breed: Border Terrier Pet Symptoms: Got a tick on her and it is brown. Tried: Nothing. Our Advice: Thank you for your email. You can remove the tick using a special tick removal, which removes … Continue reading

  • Gastroenteritis

    From Janet with dog Trev Breed: Terrier mixed Pet Symptoms: My dog as has diarrhea. I have starved him for two days but that didn’t work. He has started bring sick. Tried: Only given him water. Our Advice: Thank you … Continue reading

  • Dry Flaky Skin

    From Rachel with dog Gladys Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Pet Symptoms: Gladys has patches of dry flaky skin mainly towards her rear end which she keeps biting. We have recently rescued her from a rescue center and she came to them … Continue reading

  • Colitis

    From Nicole with dog Lucy Breed: Jack Russell Pet Symptoms: Jelly like poo with blood in it, but it only when we’re out for a few hours. Tried: Nothing. Our Advice: Thank you for your email. If Lucy is passing … Continue reading

  • Hair biting

    From Mike with dog Noodle Breed: Golden doodle Pet Symptoms: Our dog has started to bite the hair off the top of her hind right leg. There is no visible sign of infection, redness etc, just a big bald patch … Continue reading

  • Recurring ear infection

    From Liz with dog Paco Breed: Rottweiler Pet Symptoms: Recurring ear infection Tried: I have already been to the vets twice with this and the first time they gave me an ear cleaner, which did not do anything. Second time … Continue reading

  • Anxiety Issues

    From Paula with dog Georgie Breed: Shih tzu Pet Symptoms: Hi, I’m at my wits end my dog is keeping us awake at night, over the years he has gone from being scared of thunder, to rain, wind, my fire … Continue reading

  • Rabies

    From Marlan with dog Boss Breed: Pug Pet Symptoms: No I wanted to ask if I was right? Because it’s very hard to clarify using the Internet… So, for a human to get rabies, the dog NEEDS to have rabies. … Continue reading

  • Weight loss in senior cats

    From Dawn with cat Regan Breed: Mixed Pet Symptoms: My cat had a bad reaction to fleas which made him pull all his fur out, he would not stop licking and scratching him self which made him very very sore, … Continue reading

  • Wet or dry food for kittens?

    From Kaylrigh with cats Lilly and Belle Breed: Torti shell Pet Symptoms: Hi, I would just like to ask about what to feed my kittens. I have been leaving dry food out all day and wet food in the morning. … Continue reading

  • Uncontrollable urination

    From L. Clements with dog Kara Breed: German shepherd Pet Symptoms: She will be 1 at the end of month, she has just had her first season and her vulva hasn’t returned to normal size. She was very quiet and … Continue reading