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At Talk To The Vet we understand that pets are a big part of your family and we strive to help in anyway we can when it comes to your pet’s health. On this page you will find over 50 articles professionally written and updated by practice experts and veterinary experts to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

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  • Protection Against Rabies

    From: Jennifer Breed: n/a Pet Symptoms: Hello, I worry about my fiancé in the USA that is a vet technician getting bitten by cats and other animals if they have rabies. If a cat or other animal has rabies and … Continue reading

  • Sneezing Fits

    From: Sarra with cat Elli Breed: Domestic Short Hair Pet Symptoms: My normally healthy indoor cat has been having sneezing fits on and off for the last 24 hours, she is eating and alert just looking for a bit of … Continue reading

  • Is Frontline spray safe for Kittens?

    From: Sam with new kittens Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: Our cat had kittens 4 days ago. We have just weighed them, and my husband noticed two fleas on one of them. Clearly the fleas must have been caught from the … Continue reading

  • Itchy Skin

    From: Sarah with dog Maisy Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pet Symptoms: I’m currently fostering a Staffordshire bull terrier. She has very itchy skin with bald areas I was told to use use flowers of sulphur? There are areas that fur … Continue reading

  • Block Anal Glands

    From: Liz with dog Chloe Breed: Jack Russell Pet Symptoms: Chloe has cushions disease and is receiving treatment with vetoryl tablets. She seems to be coping pretty well. We have been away for 2 weeks and now back, notice that … Continue reading

  • Dog Bite

    From: Varying with dog Cedric Breed: Collie Pet Symptoms: My dog Cedric (rough collie, male, 2 years old) got bit by another dog about two weeks ago. The bites seemed to be healing off well (no redness, pus or swelling) … Continue reading

  • Kidney Failure

    From: Fiona with cat Munchkin Breed: Long Haired Domestic Pet Symptoms: Hello, I have a question about annual vaccinations for cats. I had 2 cats; one I got as a kitten, she is 10 now, and the other at the … Continue reading

  • Cat Moving Kittens Around

    From: Sam Breed: Domestic cat Pet Symptoms: Is there anything we can do to stop our cat moving her kittens around the room? she has chosen to sit them next to the bed, with the risk of being stood on … Continue reading

  • Grapes – Very Toxic To Dogs!

    From: Jane with dog Sally Breed: Staff cross Pet Symptoms: My dog ate grapes yesterday mid day, my some left them on the table and went out. Older dog (I believe ate them) younger 1 wont touch them. Today dog … Continue reading

  • Aggressiveness During Pregnancy

    From: Amber with cat Angel Breed: Short Haired Domestic Pet Symptoms: Not symptoms but my cat is pregnant about 52 days and she had a litter a few months ago we kept one of her babies but now she keeps … Continue reading

  • Fleas During Pregnancy

    From: Tammy with dog Milly Breed: Shih Tzu Pet Symptoms: My dog is pregnant due to have puppies on Tuesday and just noticed she has fleas – what can i do? Tried: Nothing as were not sure what to give. … Continue reading

  • Bacterial Dermatitis, Skin Mites or Allergies

    From: Paula with dog Minnie Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pet Symptoms: We noticed over the weekend she has hives under the skin on both her sides, she seems to be ok in herself , she is eating & drinking fine … Continue reading

  • Hair Loss on Back Legs

    From: Sue with cat Kizzie Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: My cat is 14 she is losing her fur on the backs of her legs. Any idea why? Our Advice: Thank you for contacting Wellpets Hair loss in cats can be … Continue reading

  • Feline Uremic Syndrome

    From: Idoa with cat Charlie Boy Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: Sometimes he cant pee. When he tries or actually does pee, it hurts Lot. He washes his bits a lot. The area looks sore some times he tries not to … Continue reading

  • Possible Vaccine Reaction

    From: Helen with dog Coco Pet Symptoms: On 23 Oct I send my dog for a routine check and was injected with Leptospira Canicola-lcterohaemorrhagiae Bacteria and Canine Distemper-Adenovirus (type2-Parainflenza-Parvovirus vaccine. after this she does eat much and this evening she … Continue reading

  • Chronic Diarrhea

    From: Helen with Labradoodle Fergie Breed: Labradoodle Pet Symptoms: Hi, my 7year old labradoodle has chronic diarrhea, he has had this for 6 weeks now. He strains most of the time, when it first started it was just watery blood, … Continue reading

  • Itchy Skin and Balding

    From: Dayle with dog Willow Breed: Curly coat retriever Pet Symptoms: Itchy skin balding in areas and dry small round spots. Tried: Episooth shampoo and on royal canin junior diet Our Advice: Thank you for your email.  Common causes of … Continue reading

  • Chest Infection

    From: Farah with albino budgie Angel Breed: Albino budgie Pet Symptoms: She is having difficulties flying and contently sneezing and has a fading red mark under her eye. Tried: Nothing but booked appointment with vets. Our Advice: Thank you for … Continue reading

  • Grieving pet

    From Daniel with dog Frankie Breed: Jack Russell cross Patterdale Pet Symptoms: He wont eat due to his companion of 4 years had to be put down yesterday. Tried: Feed him some biscuits but that’s all he will eat. Our … Continue reading

  • Scratching Eyes

    From Tracy with dog Marley Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: He has a scratch on his eye and he wont settle and keeps trying to scratch it. Tried: He got cream of vet but keeps trying to scratch it. Our Advice: … Continue reading