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At Talk To The Vet we understand that pets are a big part of your family and we strive to help in anyway we can when it comes to your pet’s health. On this page you will find over 50 articles professionally written and updated by practice experts and veterinary experts to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

Talk To The Vet are dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of your cat, dog or small animal. We hope the information provides you with essential information on how to properly care for you pet and help you find all the expert advice you need to ensure you have a healthy pet all year round.

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    From: Mick with cat Jasper Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: I think he has a urinary tract infection as he can’t seem to wee. He is trying all the time but just can’t seem to go Tried: Just giving him water … Continue reading

  • Cat Flu

    From: Samantha with cat Reese Breed: Maine Coon Pet Symptoms: I have a Maine Coon kitten just got he a week ago. I had to take him to the vet after Christmas because he wouldn’t eat or drink and was … Continue reading

  • Blood loss in hamsters

    From: Gina with Hamster Latte Breed: Syrinan Hamster Pet Symptoms: Hi, Ive cleaned out my hamster this evening and have noticed blood in the corner that she uses for the toilet. She is still quite young, is eating normally, but … Continue reading

  • Not eaten for 24 hours

    From: Ian with dog Reggie Breed: Lakeland Terrier Pet Symptoms: Lakeland terrier , male , 4 years old has not eaten for 24hours and has got a runny bottom he is shaking and has been sick a couple of times. … Continue reading

  • How long is it safe to allow a dog to go without drinking?

    From: Paul And Mavis with dog Jerry Breed: Mix Pet Symptoms: How long is it safe to allow a dog to go without drinking? Began treatment yesterday for vestibular syndrome Tried: Syringing water into his mouth Our Advice: If it … Continue reading

  • Skin Problems in Dogs

    From: Genie with dog Sand Breed: Jack Russell/ Beagle Pet Symptoms: Ringworm, dry, with red scabs and crusts can provoke licking and scratching. Suspected Kerion infection as there are many red raised lesion. Had been diagnosed with ringworm for months, … Continue reading

  • Aural Haematoma

    From: Noreen with dog Gunner Breed: Lab/retriever Pet Symptoms: Soft lump in his ear flap. Our Advice: This is probably aural haematoma. It will require treatment at the vets. I would advise you to contact your local vet for an … Continue reading

  • Cat Urinating Everywhere!

    From: Jacqueline with cat Scrappy Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: I have a male cat just around a year old, he is litter trained but still urinates around the house and on clothes, bags , toys etc .. How can I … Continue reading

  • Can Cats Taste Sugar?

    From: Hayley Breed: n/a Pet Symptoms: I know cats can’t taste sweets but my cat loves sugar. Like I made a sugar scrub with white sugar and oil and I had to keep pushing him away from it. Our Advice: … Continue reading

  • Urinating On Furniture

    From: Gemma with Codie Breed: Bengal Pet Symptoms: Hi. We have a 4 year old Bengal cat called Codie who we’ve had since she was a kitten. She goes through phases of urinating on our furniture and clothes and I … Continue reading

  • Cat Virus

    From: Michelle with cat Mr. Tibbs Breed: Russian Blue Cross Pet Symptoms: Hello I took in a 17 week old cat 4 months ago. A few days after getting him he was unwell. I took him to the vets and … Continue reading

  • Possible Pregnancy

    From: Angela with dog Lilly Breed: Lushappso Pet Symptoms: In season, and got locked with my other dog Our Advice: This is normal and there is nothing to worry about. If you are worried that she may get pregnant there … Continue reading

  • Poisonous Mushrooms

    From: Laura with dog Honey Breed: French bulldog Pet Symptoms: I found my puppy eating mushrooms at the end of the garden Our Advice: I would advise you to remove the mushrooms from the garden as sometime they can be … Continue reading

  • Treating Mites

    From: Pauline with dog Ryde Breed: Sheltie Pet Symptoms: My dog has either fleas or grass mites. We will not give her advocate as the first time we used this she has an adverse reaction. We have bathed her but … Continue reading

  • Barking at Fireworks

    From: Louisa with dog Poppy Breed: Westie Pet Symptoms: I have a five year old Westie girl. When she hears loud bangs especially fireworks, she barks and barks and runs around the house trying get out in the garden to … Continue reading

  • Raspy Meow

    From: Emma with kitten Tom Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: I brought home 2 new 8 week old kittens on Saturday (19th Oct) and they have settled in so well. However, the little boy kitten is usually quite vocal, especially when … Continue reading

  • Drinking Excessively

    From: Joanne with dog Chaz Breed: Border Collie Pet Symptoms: My 13 year old male collie has started drinking excessively, but is not urinating excessively. He has a growth on his right back leg at the top of the leg, … Continue reading

  • Flea Products

    From: Hul with dog Gizmo Breed: Shih Tzu Pet Symptoms: My dog has flees. I’ve tried various different flee treatments what should i do because the flees still haven’t gone. Our Advice: If you have used product that you can … Continue reading

  • Travel Sickness

    From: Melanie with dog Chiko Breed: Mongrel Pet Symptoms: I am looking to bring my dog back from Indonesia to London and want to know what medication is needed to minimise her travel sickness? She is a very poor traveller, … Continue reading

  • Anal Gland Irritation

    From: Lisa Breed: Pug dog Pet Symptoms: I have an 11 week old pug who keeps sitting down and rolling his bottom backwards as if itching it he’s been vet checked 3 times and they cant find anything wrong with … Continue reading