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  • Symptoms of heart problems

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My cat is pooping all over and hes breathing really hard. He won’t move. I’m not sure what too do. I gave him food and he ate it really fast, I’m not sure if he … Continue reading

  • Drinking excessive amount of water

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pet Symptoms: Drinking lots of water in a day. Even with no exercise, he constantly drinks Our Advice: Excessive water intake can be a sign of health and/or behavioural problems. It can be considered … Continue reading

  • Depression in cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: She seems to sleep a lot more and is very needy and will follow me and my partner around more than usual. She isn’t so interested in playing much as she used to be, but … Continue reading

  • Castration

    Animal: Cat Breed: Moggie Pet Symptoms: I have a 5 year old male cat that I would like to get castrated, is this possible for his age? Our Advice: Castration can be done at any age provided he is otherwise … Continue reading

  • Recurrent infection and lack of appetite

    Animal: Cat Breed: Domestic longhair Pet Symptoms: Recurrent infection – lack of appetite, temperature, quieter than usual. Our Advice: Persistent high fever with no obvious cause can be a difficult problem to try to get a definitive diagnosis for. If … Continue reading

  • Large Tumour problems

    Animal: Dog Breed: Boxer Pet Symptoms: Tumor only became apparent when it bled. There is no smell and max leads his life as usual. eats and drinks well and enjoys his walks. Our Advice: Did the vet performed biopsy from … Continue reading

  • Nipple Infection

    Animal: Dog Breed: Malamute Pet Symptoms: She had fever, lumb under one of her breast, no drinking or eating, walkin problems on back feet- it’s day 6- she drinks, eats, walks but her foot swalled up and she seem to … Continue reading

  • Lethargic and croaky meow

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tortoise Shell Pet Symptoms: My 10 year old female tortoise shell cat sneezed twice a couple of days ago but haven’t heard her since, she seems a bit more lethargic than normal, this morning she has a … Continue reading

  • Ductus Arteriosus

    Animal: Dog Breed: Jack Russel Pet Symptoms: I wanted some info regarding my Jack Russel pup, now 15 weeks. We were told at first injections that she had a heart murmour. The vet and her 2 senior colleagues informed they … Continue reading

  • Ulcers, dental disease or trauma on soft tissues

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mixed Pet Symptoms: My cat is being funny with his food this evening. He asks for it, but turns his nose up. He did some treats from my hand and then ate a mouthful of his wet … Continue reading

  • How to deal with lumps on dogs

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border collie Pet Symptoms: Jude has a pea sized wart/lump on her ankle yesterday it appeared to be dark coloured but today it’s red she has been licking/biting at it. Our Advice: I would always advise to … Continue reading

  • Dog Allergies

    Animal: Dpg Breed: Cross Pet Symptoms: She does not scratch her body. her skin is fine and coat good. she just rubs her ears eyes body along the floor and chairs and licks her groin and where she wees from … Continue reading

  • Dog seizures

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border collie Pet Symptoms: Our 5 month old puppy was pts after 48 hours and 30+ seizures, sudden onset with no prior warning. He had 24hrs at home and then was transferred to the hospital where he … Continue reading

  • Inflammation in cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Money Pet Symptoms: Cats bum very red and sore looking to know if I can use Savalon on him. Our Advice: If inflamed and sore, I would recommend seeing your vet as they can prescribe pain relief … Continue reading

  • Hot spots on dog’s feet and chin

    Animal: Dog Breed: English Bulldog Pet Symptoms: What to do about hot spots on my English Bulldogs feet and chin. We have been giving him Benadryl, Pro Biotic, rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Also using KetoChlor prescribed by the vet, which … Continue reading

  • Bumble foot infection on ducks

    Animal: Duck Breed: Domestic Duck Pet Symptoms: One of my ducks has bumble foot infection which has traveled up her leg. We have her of antibiotics but they don’t seem to be helping. Any other options or advice would be … Continue reading

  • Signs for dogs who eat food that has wine ingredient

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shih Tzu Pet Symptoms: I made a stew this evening and added a glass of wine to it. I gave my dog some of the meat (about a handful) and about 4 dessert spoons of the cooking … Continue reading

  • Skin problems on dogs

    Animal: Dog Breed: French bulldog Pet Symptoms: I own an 8 year old french bulldog and yesterday I took him for a blood test as he’s been having some skin problems. They gave me the results back but I don’t … Continue reading

  • Discomfort after vaccination

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: I took my cat for his annual check up on Wednesday and all is fine – as soon as he came back was straight out of the cat-flap and since then doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

  • Signs of discomfort in dogs

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffordshire Bull terrier Pet Symptoms: I want to know why my dog used to jump and run every where and run up stairs now he doesn’t after he turned 8 on 7 dec this year. Our Advice: … Continue reading