Not Eating

Animal: Cat
Breed: Mixed

Pet Symptoms: I have recently bought 3 kittens, all female and from the same litter. There are 2 longhair and one shorthair (Jasmine). They all seemed to have settled in to their new environment well, they play together and Jasmine is especially active, running around and playing with toys. However she does not seem to share the same interest in food. On the first couple of days she ate like the others but since I have noticed her not eating. She sniffs the food then scratches the floor all around it and walks off. I don’t think she is anxious because she is very friendly and affectionate with me. I wanted to know what the best thing to do is as she seems normal in play and she doesn’t look ill, her coat is glossy, eyes and nose are clear.

Our Advice: It doesn’t sound like too serious a problem if all her other behaviours are normal. I would assume she is likely getting enough food – but it can be difficult to be certain – especially with more than one kitten being fed. There is some info from the feline advisory group in the link below about feeding kittens and general health for kittens which may be of use:

Alternatively, if you are sure she isn’t eating well then it may be worth seeing a vet to ensure there is nothing wrong with her on a physical exam and general check over – sometimes we can find things that aren’t obvious to yourself. Try not to vary the diet too frequently as this can lead to fussy behaviours and the kitten “waiting” until the food they like is there. Generally premium foods may be better for growth and development (such as hills and royal canin) – the other thing these diets offer is a money back guarantee on palatability and any reason that you aren’t happy with the food – talk to your vet about what they think might be best (there are kitten diets for different stages of growth and weaning).