Nose cancer in Dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: Brown Lab

Pet Symptoms: My brown lab of 12 years has nose cancer, he was diagnosed in august which started of as a spot in his right nostril and in 2-3 months it has deformed his nose, blocked the right nostril and half of the left. we have week through 4 steps of chemo (3 weeks at a time) which has stopped the growth but our dog is having breathing difficulties and his quality of life has decreased. We are now debating on putting him down but the hard thing to accept is apart from the closed nostril he is a healthy dog, should we consider one more treatment to see if the swelling goes down with chemo?

Our Advice: I am very sorry your dog has nose cancer. I would advise you to contact your vet again. They will check him over and if necessary will recommend x-rays on his nose and possible lungs to check if the tumor has spread. If it is not they might recommend another course of chemo therapy. Unfortunately as an owner you are the only person that can decide on euthanasia.