Animal: Dog
Breed: Golden Retriever

Pet Symptoms: Hi, my 2 month old golden retriever puppy has developed a lump in his groin area, to one side of his penis. it is about the size of a marble and red. It does not seem to cause him any pain when it is touched. I have been a couple of possibities of what it could be. But I want another opinion on this.

Our Advice: It’s impossible to tell what the mass is without seeing and feeling it, and even then, no-one can definitively say what it may be without sampling it or removing it and having it checked at a lab to look at the cells and or contents. I would think in this location it’s unlikely to be related to the vaccination he had.

It could be a lymph node, which can become enlarged with inflammation or infection from injury or wounds, bites from insects, or more generalised infections – there would usually be a fever or high temperature associated with this. Inflammatory responses to similar situations can also occur, without lymph node involvement and look similar. Masses and tumours are also possible, although more unlikely in such a young dog – again these can’t be defined as to what they are exactly without sampling and submission to a lab – either a small sample with a needle, or surgical biopsy or total removal under general anaesthesia. Skin infections and reactions can also occur.

I’m sorry we can’t give you a definitive answer – if you had a photo it may give a little more info, but again without examining the dog this is likely to be as thorough as we can be via email.