Lump on its rectum

Animal: Dog
Breed: Weimaraner

Pet Symptoms: Hi we have a 9 year old Weimaraner, who has recently lost weight, lost appetite, having trouble pooing, so we took him to the vets and they examined him and discovered a lump in his rectum, they said that as they didn’t snap that was a bad sign, and has recommended because where it is and all of the signs that we PTS, and if she were to operate and it was in a bad place she wouldn’t resuscitate. For the weekend we have been prescribed antibiotics and steroids and he has picked up, he is eating and drinking and weeing well but pooing is still a chore, shouldn’t further examinations and test Be done before we right him off?

Our Advice: It’s always a very difficult decision to put an animal to sleep and certainly not easy to directly advise without having seen and examined him.

If he is struggling to toilet still despite treatment, then I think it’s maybe not something that much can be done for, however, you always have the option to see another vet for a second opinion, maybe even within the practice you go to? It doesn’t sound as though it’s something simple, so you may be better to look at the opinion of a specialist – an oncologist ideally if it is a mass or tumor.