Loss of appetite

From Susan with dog Charlie
Breed: Boston

Pet Symptoms:

Over the last week Charlie has been eating less and less. Last night he would not eat his dinner and this morning would not eat breakfast until I hand fed him some cooked pasta. He is drinking well. He has eaten the same dry dog food his whole life. He is generally in good spirits and wants to play a bit, but he also has periods of being down.


We have added shredded cheese or pasta to his food to entice him. This morning he would only eat the pasta and only if I hand fed him. Should we switch him to wet food?

Our Advice:

If Charlie is becoming increasingly off his food and having periods of being quieter than usual, I would recommend you make an appointment for him to see your local vet. His symptoms are ‘non-specific’ (meaning that lots of different problems can cause these signs!), but based on examining Charlie your vet may obtain some clues and advise on any tests or treatment necessary.