Lethargic, Not Eating Properly

Animal: Dog
Breed: Siberian Husky

Pet Symptoms: My mother in laws husky is quite lethargic, not eating properly, not walking right and sleeping a lot also when her both of sides towards back legs are touched she snaps to bite and not very talkative as she usually is and her tail is tucked down could you give me any advice as to what is wrong?

Our Advice: The symptoms you describe aren’t often specific to one problem in particular. Lethargy can be due to many different causes. Being off food is commonly associated with dental problems, but might be unusual to see this in a 3 year old dog. The reaction to being touched suggests she is painful for some reason and this would primarily be of concern. I think she needs to see a veterinarian for a clinical exam and hopefully they can determine the cause of the problem following this, although they may need further tests such as looking at a blood sample or taking x-rays if they feel there is more going on than can be determined by a clinical “hands on” examination.