Lethargic Chicken

Animal: Chicken
Breed: White chicken

Pet Symptoms: One of our chickens is quite lethargic and has lost her “get up and go” she just sits around all day, and does not want to go out of the cage – the others rush about in the morning and then peck around the garden, but she just sits, she has yellow and green poo constantly hanging out of her vent. She is still drinking water, but off her food and any treats. The others just ignore her, she has no feather problems, but does not seem comfortable, she has no energy, and just sits We have four chickens and have kept chickens without any problems for 5 years

Our Advice: I would advise taking her to see a vet as birds generally are very good at not showing signs of illness so if you have noticed problems she is more than likely unwell.  I would try to call around and find a vet that deals with avian species and or exotics which is important when having them checked. In London the clinics I’m aware of are CJ Hall out west and Lawton and Stokes vets in Romford.  There are likely others and you can find a list here: