Lehargic Bearded Dragon

Animal: Pogona
Breed: Bearded dragon

Pet Symptoms: Hi I’ve recently bought a baby bearded dragon. When I bought him home he ate etc perfectly normal an all was going well. He started shedding over the weekend an slightly went off his food but I red online this is normal. But the past few days all he has done is sleep all day and night. He does get his locusts at the usual times but sometimes he won’t both with them but then other times he will leave them for like an hour an then decide he wants one. It’s the first dragon I’ve had so I am really worried temps and stuff in his tank are all spot on. I don’t know what to do?

Our Advice: Reptiles with lethargy can be quite common and unfortunately it is quite a non-specific sign.  Respiratory problems, nutritional problem, general infections and many other possibilities can present this way.  Most commonly it does relate to environment – reptile requirements are very specific and correct temperatures are important along with the correct strength and type of UV light, humidity and nutrition.

I would recommend that you see a vet – ideally one that deals with exotics or has a particular interest in reptiles, or even to contact one for advice about the exact specifics for UV light requirements and humidity/temperature and substrate in the environment, as well as nutritional advice.

There is a list of exotic veterinary specialists here – I’m not sure any are near Nuneaton, but they are often a good place to start for further advice if you don’t have a vet near you that sees exotics.