Kidney Failure

From: Fiona with cat Munchkin
Breed: Long Haired Domestic

Pet Symptoms:

Hello, I have a question about annual vaccinations for cats. I had 2 cats; one I got as a kitten, she is 10 now, and the other at the same time as a stray and fully grown, we thought her to be at least 2 but it was hard to tell. She was also spayed so had obviously been looked after before. I had them vaccinated annually for feline leukemia virus , feline rhinotracheitis, feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia. Last march Tab (the stray) died of kidney failure, I was so shocked as there were no previous symptoms and she seemed fine until the day she collapsed. I didn’t know much about the disease and in researching it found some suggestion that vaccinations particularly feline leukemia could be linked to it. My other cat is now due her yearly and in light of what happened to Tab I am uncertain if these are necessary or not? She is a cat who is allowed outside when she wants and there are a lot of other cats around the area, your advice would be very much appreciated.


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Our Advice:

I have never had cat with kidney failure after a vaccination. This is a chronic disease usually found in older cats. It can be developed if the cat is poisoned with antifreeze or in young cats if they have kidney abnormality.