Itchy penis due to inflammation

Animal: Cat
Breed: Black and white

Pet Symptoms: I am concerned about my 5 year old cat – male, castrated, gentle and shy. And an indoor cat. He is bored. We have tried lots of toys, interaction with us, and although he might respond a bit one day, on the next he can’t be bothered. Into our lives came suddenly a soft and shaggy throw and he has started what I can only describe as masturbating with it. I have just removed it because I fear this could become a form of OCD. But what, please, can I do about the boredom? And should I give him the throw back?

Our Advice: This could be due to boredom dew to stress or Barak might have itchy penis due to inflammation or infection. I would advise you to take Barak to your vets. They will check his penis.