Animal: Dog
Breed: Lhasa Apso

Pet Symptoms: My Lhasa apso has developed a black rash like area in his groin and lower tummy. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him. We picked him up from kennels a week ago but then on Friday the rash appeared. He has always suffered with dry skin but I’m worried this is something more serious. I started him on some additional oils as recommended by out pet shop as I noticed last week the area was looking particularly dry.

Our Advice: It looks as though he has some inflammation/redness to the affected skin as well as the hyper-pigmentation which is the black colour you are seeing. Thank you for the photos too!

This is most likely due to allergies, but the symptoms aren’t specific enough to give a diagnosis that easily. I would get him checked by a vet to ensure he has no other health problems and they may suggest a basic blood profile to ensure he has normal red and white cell counts and no other underlying health problems. Some endocrine problems can have similar symptoms such as thyroid or adrenal disease.

Further investigation may lead to biopsies or seeing a specialist (dermatologist) in order to get a diagnosis, or they may look at trialling some treatments/medications.

I would also make sure that Dexter is up to date with an effective flea treatment, ideally one that covers for all external parasites, if he isn’t already.