Increased RBC count, Vomiting and Blood in Stool

Animal: Dog
Breed: Scottish terrier

Pet Symptoms: I HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD MALE SCOTTISH TERRIER WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN HEALTHY. THE PAST MONTH OR SO HE HAS HAD A HIGH RED BLOOD CELL COUNT RANGING HIGH 70 YO NOW 61. A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO HE STARTED VOMITING A CLEAR FOAMY LIQUID AND I SAW BLOOD IN HIS STOOL. WHAT’S GOING ON? he has also been pulling up his right hind leg occasionally and is having a hard time going up stairs and getting up on furniture.

Our Advice: High RBC could be a sign for dehydration heart problem or infection. Vomiting and blood in faeces can be sign for haemorrhagic gastroenteritis foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract or parvo virus if Cooper is not vaccinated. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment.