How to deal with lumps on dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: Border collie

Pet Symptoms: Jude has a pea sized wart/lump on her ankle yesterday it appeared to be dark coloured but today it’s red she has been licking/biting at it.

Our Advice: I would always advise to see your vet about any lump. Even with examination and palpation, it may not be possible to give a diagnosis without sampling. In some cases a fine needle aspiration can be done which tries to get some cells into a needle and then onto a slide for checking at the lab. Often this is possible without sedation, but can be limited if unable to get a good sample.

Otherwise surgery to remove or biopsy would be most likely to get a cure/diagnosis, but involves an anaesthetic usually.

I would see your vet so they can have a look at the size, and appearance of the lump and then discuss your options with them.