How to deal with Flea problems

Animal: Dog
Breed: Border Terrier

Pet Symptoms: I have been trying to combat fleas for the last month.. we first treated the house with a household spray bought from pets at home combined with their own brand spot on treatment (with fripronil).. after 2 weeks and hoovering everyday we again saw a flea on my dog. after talking to my local vets they advised i retreat the house and last week i did this with indorex house spray and frontline.. however today saw another flea on my dog.. I’m now at a loss of what to do next.. does this mean the frontline is not working – or is it possible that the flea i saw had only recently jumped on my dog and the frontline hadn’t worked on him yet? if the frontline is not working can you please recommend the best alternative.

Our Advice: Fleas can be a real pain to clear sometimes. You need to treat ALL animals in the house at the same time, and repeat every 4 weeks, this can be shortened to more regularly if needed, but hopefully should work. Treating the house with the spray is important, and this can be repeated after 2 weeks too – it NEEDS to be an insect growth regulator (IGR). The only 3 I know of that work well in the UK are indorex, acclaim or RIP.

Treat all animals with the topical (if you find the usual frontline isn’t working well for you, you could see your vet and get a prescription treatment like advocate, stronghold, frontline combo etc.) and repeat every 4 weeks. Make sure before spraying the house you hoover thoroughly before and after and treat or throw away in a sealed bag any bedding along with the vacuum waste.

It can take 2-3 months to clear completely as some stages of eggs and larvae are pretty immune to initial treatments until the adult fleas emerge. Also, your dog can pick up fleas from other dogs, the environment, the garden etc.

If you’re really having difficulties clearing with this plan, then have a chat to your vets and they can examine Dennis to see if he has any other issues associated with fleas and help with prescription medications to try and eliminate the problem for you.