Hot spots on dog’s feet and chin

Animal: Dog
Breed: English Bulldog

Pet Symptoms: What to do about hot spots on my English Bulldogs feet and chin. We have been giving him Benadryl, Pro Biotic, rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Also using KetoChlor prescribed by the vet, which is a medicated cleanser.

Our Advice: If nothing is working despite the treatments you have tried – it may be worth taking biopsies (surgery) to send for analysis at your vet’s lab service to assess the tissues, samples for culture and sensitivity may be useful as well if infection is present. Alternatively you could request referral to a dermatologist if there is one local to you.

Being based in the UK, I’m not sure if there are any diseases or conditions local to you in Indiana that might present a problem, but this could be infectious, inflammatory or allergic as some possibilities. If antibiotics/antifungals haven’t worked then maybe anti-inflammatories would be worth trialling, but I think further diagnostics or referral would be ideal.