Hernia in Dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: Toy poodle

Pet Symptoms: Hello we are looking at getting a puppy we have found one we like but have found out it has had a hernia on its back inside leg near the genitalia. It is 12 weeks old and the lump appears to still be there. Even though it has been operated on. Is this going to cause a life long problem?

Our Advice: It sounds like an inguinal or testicular hernia. Without seeing it or knowing what surgery was done it’s hard to say if it would be a long term problem or not. If completely repaired with surgery, it shouldn’t be a problem, but if there were complications during or after surgery, then a repeat operation could be required. Swelling could also be a sign of bruising or infection post operatively, so it should be re-assessed by the vets that operated on the puppy. If not yet insured, this condition would be excluded from any insurance policy in the future as well.

Most hernias can be repaired, but the area should look normal following 10-14 days post operatively once any sutures are removed (if in place).