Health concerns for feeding puppies

Animal: Dog
Breed: Pug

Pet Symptoms: My sisters pug honey is 14 months old and just given birth to a litter of 9 pups on Thursday, one was dead, one died coming out, one died of a cleft pallete yesterday. Honey is feeding the rest well and they are being kept warm but honey is really thin and for half of the pregnancy has only eaten processed ham and now she will still only eat ham and bacon but lots of it. I am concerned she hasn’t got a healthy diet what do you advise as she has a long way to go feeding 6 puppies.

Our Advice: I would advise you to take Honey and the puppies to the vets. They will check her over to make sure she is ok and if you have not they will worm her. They will check the puppies as well. Lucky should be eating puppy food at the moment. If she is not eating she probably does not feel well. They will check if she does not have infection in the uterus and will probably take blood for analysis.