Hair biting

From Mike with dog Noodle
Breed: Golden doodle

Pet Symptoms:

Our dog has started to bite the hair off the top of her hind right leg. There is no visible sign of infection, redness etc, just a big bald patch where hair should be.


Nothing yet as we has just noticed it yesterday.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. If Noodle is biting her leg this suggests she may be itchy there for some reason. Common causes of itchiness in this area are skin allergies (especially fleas!) and anal gland problems. If she continues to bite the area it will become infected, making it even more itchy! I would recommend you make an appointment for Noodle to see you local vet, who can check for the underlying cause of the itchiness and prescribe any necessary treatment. For example, Noodle may need a short course of medication to make her feel less itchy.