Grieving pet

From Daniel with dog Frankie
Breed: Jack Russell cross Patterdale

Pet Symptoms:

He wont eat due to his companion of 4 years had to be put down yesterday.


Feed him some biscuits but that’s all he will eat.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Frankie’s companion. Does Frankie seem well otherwise? Pets do seem to grieve in a similar way to people, although some vets also feel that they may pick up on our own emotions of grief and change their behavior because of this rather than be truly grieving for their friend. It may be that Frankie needs some extra attention at this time. Are there any activities he particularly enjoys? For example, if he loves playing ball set aside extra time to do this. You can also try tempting him with some nice smelling warm food such as cooked chicken.

Although Frankie may be grieving it is however important not to ‘over spoil’ him to the point where he expects to be fed and engage in play time on demand in the future!

If Frankie continues to be off his food or seems unwell otherwise I would recommend he be checked over by your vet just in case there is a medical rather than behavioral reason for his anorexia.

I hope this helps.