Fur Balls and Cat Fleas

Animal: Cat
Breed: Tabby and unknown

Pet Symptoms: For some reason maybe 1-3 time’s a day (varies) my male 3 year old cat dry-heaves like he is going to cough up a furr ball but nothing ever come’s out. Should I buy something for it or is it something different wrong with him? ); On another note. There is another cat that is losing hair in clumps under its neck. it’s been about 4 day’s and we don’t have enough money at the time to take her to the vet, she’s just under a year old and was declawed (not my choice…i highly disagree with declawing) and it’s my little sister’s cat and my mom/her never listen to me. She also give’s it baths at least 2-3 day’s a week which I also disagree with….I finally got them to stop giving her bath’s as much but now I’m worried if maybe she has really bad flea’s and that’s why she’s shedding there so badly. it’s piratically balled under her neck and rough feeling.

Our Advice: It is possible that your cat have fur ball in the stomach. It usually happen when cats over groom themselves if they are stressed or they have fleas. If you call your local vets they will provide you with strong flea product for the cat and a house spray for the environment. Fleas do lay their eggs in the house. They will give you fur ball paste as well (Katalax or Defur M). If this does not help you will have to take your cat to the vets. Regarding the declawed cat and the baths I do strongly disagree with all this baths. They will provoke skin allergies and the skin condition of the cat will get a lot worse. I would advise the same veterinary registered flea product (Advocate) house spray and possibly Zylkene capsules 75 mg once per day for stress (they do not require prescription and you can buy it online or from your vet)