Is Frontline spray safe for Kittens?

From: Sam with new kittens
Breed: Domestic

Pet Symptoms:

Our cat had kittens 4 days ago. We have just weighed them, and my husband noticed two fleas on one of them. Clearly the fleas must have been caught from the queen (though we did not realise that she had them). My question is, what can be done to rid our cats of the fleas. obviously mother cat is nursing, and the kittens are too young for many of the treatments.

please help!

Our Advice:

Frontline spray is safe even for 1 day old kittens but it is veterinary prescription. Hovering will help eliminating the flea eggs but you will have to spray the house with Indorexx too which is available at the vets. Constant sneezing can be a symptom of cat flue and that will require treatment at your local vets.