Foreign Body in the GIT

Animal: Dog
Breed: Mixed terrier (jack russell/poodle)

Pet Symptoms: I’ve had Farley since July 2013. He was with the animal Samaritans as he had been attacking the other dog he lived with on a daily basis. He had no known medical conditions when I got him. On 24th December he swallowed a 3cm diameter star shaped soft plastic shower gel capsule (one you undo and empty – does not dissolve in the water). Initially he began vomiting straight away blood etc. He did not vomit up the capsule. He had a course of antibiotics, antacids and antiemetics. He was still intermittent vomiting. He switched to white fish, chicken etc. He had a repeat course of the above. He is now on Royal Canin gastro intestinal dry and wet food as he refused to eat the chicken after several days of it. He has never passed the capsule. He is no longer on any treatment (he regularly vomited up the oral antacids which therefore had no effect). He still suffers with gastritis and vomits every 2-3 days normally early in the morning 3-4 o clock and often continues intermittently every 2 hours or so for several hours. He brings up bile and blood and refuses food. I have tried to feed him little and often but if he is feeling nauseous he will refuse to eat. On his good days he is very lively and is still active. If he has been vomiting he is quiet and depressed. He still drinks water if he has vomited and passes urine and opens his bowels. I have consulted 2 vets and they are both reluctant to do a gastroscopy and I agree that this would be very invasive. I wondered if there are any antiemetic injections that he could receive on a regular basis as anything oral he just throws up if he’s having a bad day. I am a midwife and would be happy to give these if prescribed by my vet. Also I am worried for his long term health and the effect of the repeated vomiting. My father (89) and I take turns in sitting up with him when he is throwing up at night, but this is becoming more frequent and a very distressing situation for us all involved.

Our Advice: If there is still foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract there is no point of anti emetic. The next step will be xray ultrasound endoscopy.