Foot Lumps

Animal: Dog
Breed: Bull terrier

Pet Symptoms: My bull terrier has a small lump on her back foot.. started very small but has got bigger last few days.. it seems to be itching as she is licking it a lot.. over night she has licked it so much has started to bleed a small amount.

Our Advice: This lump looks like it needs to be seen by a veterinarian and sampled or removed to try and determine what it is. This can be done in some cases conscious or with light sedation, or in other cases with a general anaesthetic for surgery or a biopsy.

This could be caused by trauma or a bite/sting, but can also be due to growths and tumors. Cancerous growths are not common in younger dogs, but can’t be ruled out without having a lab look at the samples and getting a diagnosis. Complete surgical removal at this size may be difficult due to the location and lack of loose skin around this area – which is why personally I would usually try to get a sample to determine what the lump is initially. A buster collar to stop her licking may be of assistance as well.