Feline Uremic Syndrome

From: Idoa with cat Charlie Boy

Breed: Domestic

Pet Symptoms:

Sometimes he cant pee. When he tries or actually does pee, it hurts Lot. He washes his bits a lot. The area looks sore some times he tries not to walk around. A few week ago his pee was blood tinged. When he’s OK he’s normal and playful. A vet nurse yesterday on the phone said its probably kind to put him to sleep. I’m heart broken.


2 trips to private vet where he got 2 shots an anti inflammatory and antibiotic. 3 trips to PDSA each time a shot for pain and some dog painkiller at a tiny dose once a day. New litter trays. New cat biscuits which contain cranberry for urinary tract health, then onto wet food and tuna. I called emergency PDSA yesterday and spoke to a nurse and she said we cant do anymore and I should think about putting him to sleep. I made an appointment yesterday at 4.00 but after a pee he was running around with the other 3 cats. They all like to go out. I was told to let him out. I don’t know what to do. Money is tight. Should I get him insured ?

Our Advice:

Thank you for contacting Wellpets

Of course, you can insure him but every insurance company will classify this as a pre existing condition. It does sound like Charley boy has Feline uremic syndrome. It could be caused by stress or problem with the diet. This can be very dangerous for male cat because form stones in the bladder he can develop blockage of the the urethra and he will be unable to urinate. He will need to have X-rays to check if there is a big stones in the bladder (than if he does he will require surgery) microscopic examination of the urine to determine if he has stones what type they are. He will need antibiotics, bladder supplements, pain killers and special diet according to the finding of the stones. He will need to have blood test to check if his kidneys are functioning normally. If his urethra is blocked he will have to have placed urinary catheter and hospitalised until he is able to urinate.