What is Talk To The Vet?
faq-imgTalk To The Vet is your free pet care hub where pet owners can browse through our selection of free pet health articles or submit their questions to one of our fully qualified online vets. Our goal is to educate pet owners so they can provide their pets with better healthcare and improve their overall wellbeing by offering free online vet help.
How does Talk To The Vet work?
Talk To The Vet is very easy to use, you simply type in your question, followed by your pet’s information i.e. name, age, breed etc. The form will then be submitted to the vet best qualified to answer your question. Our vets aim to respond to all questions within 72 hours, however, it can take longer during busy periods.

4 simple steps

  • Write your question
  • Provide basic information about your pet
  • Vet works to answer your question
  • Answer sent to you directly by email
How much does it cost to ask a question?
We only charge a small £5.00 fee for this service.
What happens if they can’t answer my question?
Sometimes questions cannot be answered without a physical consultation, therefore, in this situation we would advise you to visit your local vets.
I don’t know if my pet is sick, what should I do?
If you have any concerns for your pet’s health you should seek advice from a qualified veterinarian.
How long will it take to answer my question?
We aim to answer all questions within 72 hours during week days, however, during busy periods it may take slightly longer.
Can the veterinarians prescribe medication?
No, unfortunately our vets cannot prescribe medicine for your pet. In order for a vet to legally prescribe medicine they need to have established a veterinary-client-patient relationship only possible with a physical examination.

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