Excessive Secretions from the hair follicles

Animal: Cat
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Tabby & White Moggie

Pet Symptoms: My cat appears to have what looks like dirt under her fur on her forehead. When I rub it with a damp cotton wool ball some of it comes off, but not like specks of dirt but a solid colour like dye. She has a white face so it is quite prominent, she is up to date with her flea and worming treatments, any ideas what this could be?

Our Advice: If it’s not some kind of dirt or oil or material that she is coming into contact with, the most common things we see are in relation to parasites – flea “dirt” or dropping can look like this, or excessive secretions from the hair follicles/glands on the head – although this is usually more common under the chin.

It’s probably best to see a vet and see if they can assess what this is most likely to be and if it is something that she can live with or if it needs treatment or management. If it’s not causing any inflammation, infection or discomfort then it’s unlikely to require urgent attention, but in most conditions if they can be treated early it’s usually much easier to get things under control.