Excessive Breathing

Animal: Cat
Breed: Maine Coon

Pet Symptoms: Hi, we are really looking to find out any reason the cat is breathing faster than normal. We need actually help, because we think the clinics we visited so far, they missed something. After all the tests, we asked the doctor if he has any idea why is she breathing so fast and he responded with a ridiculous answer for any cardiology specialist that “He has no idea”. Also first time visited this clinic, because the kitty had constipation issue, they wrote on the report that she is breathing faster, but nobody bothered to mention it to us, neither do any farther examination to find out why. My main question is if you know any more examinations or any more reasons for this to happen. P.S. One question i would like also to do, what is your opinion about catnip? We have a plant, sometimes we let her smell it, sometimes we have it on top of the kitchen, where she cannot go. I heard that is like 50 50 the opinions about this plant.

Our Advice: Cats do breath faster than normal if they are scared if they have high temperature if they are in pain or if they have respiratory problems (inflammatory problems or genetic abnormalities). My advise would be xray of the chest and trachea examination of the throat /nose with endoscope under sedation and probably ultrasound heart performed by cardiologist.