Dry Flaky Skin

From Rachel with dog Gladys
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Pet Symptoms:

Gladys has patches of dry flaky skin mainly towards her rear end which she keeps biting.

We have recently rescued her from a rescue center and she came to them in a bit of a bad way. She hadn’t been groomed and her coat was very matted. I have been told that her skin should get better with a good diet, but I just wondered if there was anything else we can try to soothe the itching. I had been told cod liver oil is good for their coat, would it be ok to put some with her food?


  • Bathing
  • Arden Grange dog food
  • Brushing twice daily

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. You could certainly try adding some cod liver oil to her food. It may be a good idea to have Gladys checked over by your vet, particularly if she’s biting this area as this suggests she’s itchy. Itchiness in this part of of the body can be caused by skin allergies (especially fleas) or anal gland problems. If she’s been biting the area she may have also caused a skin infection. Your vet will be able to provide the necessary treatment – for example if she has a flea allergy she may need a short course of medication to make her feel less itchy and give the skin a chance to settle down.