Drinking Excessively

From: Joanne with dog Chaz
Breed: Border Collie

Pet Symptoms:

My 13 year old male collie has started drinking excessively, but is not urinating excessively. He has a growth on his right back leg at the top of the leg, the vet has taken samples with a syringe and only found blood and does not think it is a malignant growth, he has also been given antibiotics. He seems otherwise healthy, does not seem to be in any pain and is not acting strangely.

The vet has quoted around a thousand pound to have the lump removed or £400 for a biopsy, and then the lump would still need to be removed, but we do not have the funds for this.

Please can you help?


Antibiotics for urinary infection.

Our Advice:

If you don’t have the funds for the surgery I would advise you to contact your local PDSA veterinary surgery for help.