Drinking excessive amount of water

Animal: Dog
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pet Symptoms: Drinking lots of water in a day. Even with no exercise, he constantly drinks

Our Advice: Excessive water intake can be a sign of health and/or behavioural problems. It can be considered excessive if more than 100 mL of water per kilo bodyweight per day is being drunk. For example over 1.5 L per day for a 15 Kg dog, over 2L per day for a 20 Kg dog or over 2.5 L per day for a 25 Kg dog.

If you are able to measure this and it is above that amount, then it would be best to take Max to his vet for a consult and they may want to check his blood and urine for signs of any problems – especially for things like kidney problems or diabetes, which are relatively easy to check for on urine and blood tests.

If he isn’t drinking excessively, but has started drinking more than usual, it is still worth seeing your vet, because if problems can be detected early, they are almost always easier to control or treat.