Dog’s Heart Problems

Animal: Dog
Breed: Boxer

Pet Symptoms: Random collapsing spells, just falling over with a blank stare.

Our Advice: The information provided is fairly limited. With current severe infection I would make sure this is treated and cleared with a negative culture before proceeding too much further.

In boxers heart problems are very common so the cardiologist appointment if unremarkable may mean it would be good to look at or discuss getting a halter monitor fitted that monitors the heart 24 h a day to check for intermittent problems/arrhythmias. If the heart has been completely ruled out then it may be worth looking to see a neurologist as the symptoms could relate to seizure activity as well.

Initially it’s worth having a full blood test including blood count and biochemistry to look at the internal organs, as well as a general exam by a vet to look for any other signs or symptoms of problems – I assume these may have already been done if she is being treated and has been to a cardiologist.