Dogs eating food with onions

Animal: Dog
Breed: Greyhound

Pet Symptoms: 30 minutes ago my dog accidentally ate a small cumberland cocktail sausage which has got mustard power, onion plus spices in. She doesn’t have any symptoms yet but my understanding is that onion is poisonous to dogs so I am worried. She has a sensitive stomach and usually only has plain food. Is it OK to feed her as normal and is there anything that I can give her that may help (I have the procolin – would this help)?

Our Advice: I would think that small an amount of onion would be unlikely to cause symptoms.

Japanese and Korean breeds of dog are at more risk – so greyhounds wouldn’t be “high risk” patients.

You could take her to the vet to make her vomit, if this happens again, but this needs to be within 4 hours of ingesting any toxin so would be too late in this case. In severe cases you may see inappetance, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, anaemia and jaundice. I would expect it to be very unlikely to see any of these in this case however.

Treatment is aimed generally at supportive care and monitoring bloods and symptoms, so if she does appear unwell then you could take her to the vets to assess and plan a treatment course for her.

I would expect Belle to be doing fine – some dogs if sensitive could have a bit of an upset stomach following eating any unusual or uncommon foods regardless of if they are toxic or not – and if you are having any problems or she is showing any symptoms, then I would advise to contact your usual vets to discuss further.