Dog Vomiting Problems

Animal: Dog
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Pet Symptoms: My labrador retriever is 2-years old and is a girl she has been vomiting mainly late at night 1 or 2 times for the past 3 weeks, she has had an x-ray and ultrasound and everything is clear I was prescribed zitac, I’ve changed her food from dry food wagg to wet food chappie as recommended from my vet, this seems to make her worse as she has been sick 2 times last night and 1 time after her breakfast. I’m now getting rarely down from this. Ps. my dog hasn’t been sprayed yet

Our Advice: Vomiting can be related to a number of problems. If persistent and the x-rays and ultrasounds are clear, I would suggest doing a blood test to check her organ health as well as electrolytes, red and white blood cell counts and check for pancreatitis as well – a cPL test is the name of this part usually.

If all these are normal, then diet trials can help, so if she isn’t doing well on chappie, I would try either a diet like Hills (id or dd) or Royal Canin gastrointestinal to see if this helps. You would need to give absolutely NO titbits or table scraps or other food/treats for 4-6 weeks while on a consistent diet to see if this eliminates the problem.

Alternatively, if she hasn’t got better despite everything your own vets can do, you could ask to be referred to a specialist, they can carry out further examination and diagnostics on a more complicated case such as this and may be able to reach a diagnosis – they sometimes have access to more advanced diagnostic equipment and alternate medications that first opinion practices may not have.

Unspayed dogs can get sick with uterine infections – this is usually within a few weeks after a season, and normally you would see a discharge from the vulva like pus or blood. If they have ultrasounded her, I would expect this would be noticed using that imaging technique if it was present though.