Dog Skin Diseases

Animal: Dog
Breed: Pitbull Terrier

Pet Symptoms: My dog, Rex, is a male neutered Pitbull Terrier, whom is 1 years old. I have noticed in the past month an half his skin is extremely sensitive, he sometimes will get little bumps under his skin and you can tell by looking at his fur. Within the past 2 week he has been getting extremely flakey red skin on his ears, 2 front legs, and back of his neck. He is now to the point where he will bite or scratch at it until it is bleeding or no hair is there. I feed him Natural Diamond no grain food, and have tried oatmeal baths, baby oil on him, and hydro cortisone spray. I am wondering what it could possibly be that is going on with his skin, or how can I relieve it?

Our Advice: Skin problems can be very challenging to diagnose and treat. There is diseases on the skin and other diseases with skin symptoms. Considering the breed and the age is more likely that Rex has skin allergies. I would advise you to contact your vet. They will check him over and might recommend you bloods to check his kidneys liver and thyroid glands . Sometime we need to take skin scrapes hair plucks and swab from the skin for culture to check if there are skin parasites fungal or bacterial infection on the skin. If the skin disease is very severe the vet might recommend skin biopsy as well. They can also do allergy testing to check what is Rex allergic to if it is allergy. As you can see from the above skin problems are very complicated and with similar symptoms so it is very important to have diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.