Dog seizures

Animal: Dog
Breed: Border collie

Pet Symptoms: Our 5 month old puppy was pts after 48 hours and 30+ seizures, sudden onset with no prior warning. He had 24hrs at home and then was transferred to the hospital where he received else dative and various anticonvulsants, non of which made a difference to the frequency or severely of the seizures. My vet has no idea what might have caused this, can anyone else shed some light? he had a CBC and everything was fine. We ruled out poisoning. Is it likely to be caused by hereditary issues? Possible a tumor?

Our Advice: I’m sorry to hear about Eli – seizures can be extremely upsetting and hard to deal with and in some cases difficult to diagnose the cause.

Epilepsy is possible – but has no test to diagnose, just is diagnosed on ruling out other conditions. It would usually respond to medications, so if not responsive then there’s not much that could be done.

Masses or tumors are possible, but uncommon in young dogs, maybe developmental problems such as abnormal brain or nerve development could be a cause too. Again, neither of these are particularly treatable or curable though.