Dog Became Sad After Shaving

Animal: Dog
Breed: Shitt. Zu bison

Pet Symptoms: My dog had to get shaved at the groomers and now he’s hiding, a tine weird, ears down no wagging tail, looks sad and will not eat. He keeps wiping his butt on the rug. This morning he pooped on the carpet. He his 9 months old. A shut zu bison mix. I have had him 4 months. He has been to the groomers before but never got shaved. He had too many tangles. What should I do? He slept ok. Very sad looking. Like he did something wrong. When he is laying on my lap it seems like his body is shaking

Our Advice: If Riley is not eating something is bothering him. If he is keep rubbing his bottom of the carpet he probably have full anal glands. would advise you to take him to your vet and they will check him over just in case.