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From: Varying with dog Cedric
Breed: Collie

Pet Symptoms:

My dog Cedric (rough collie, male, 2 years old) got bit by another dog about two weeks ago. The bites seemed to be healing off well (no redness, pus or swelling) but on Thursday I noticed a huge lump underneath one of the bite marks on the left side of his neck.

We went to see the vet immediately. She stuck a needle in there and found the lump to be filled with bloody fluid (no pus). She then manually drained approximately 100ml of fluid, gave him an injection (Synolux) and tablets to be administered for a week starting the next morning (Noroclav). She also advised me that the existing cavity was likely to refill with fluid, which it did.

I do have a check-up appointment for next Thursday, but was wondering if you could tell me how soon I could expect the fluid to drain naturally. The area does not seem to be painful an the dog’s behavior has not changed noticeably although he might be drinking slightly more than usual. I would estimate that the amount of fluid is about equal to when I first noticed it, so we’re probably talking about another 100ml. Is there anything I can do to help it clear up faster and when should I start to see a reduction in size?

Many thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately in this case I am unable to tell exactly what is the problem without seeing the animal. If the lump is still there the vet may have to sedate Cedric, lance the swelling and see if there is a blood vessel that need to be ligated. If he is no better at all I would advise you to get it touch with your vet sooner.