Dog Arthritis

Animal: Dog
Breed: Border Collie

Pet Symptoms: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 9 year old Tri-colour border collie that is having problems with his right back leg. Ever since he was attacked by another dog 4 days ago, he has been having trouble walking. Sometimes he runs on it but then he limps. I have checked his body and there are no visible signs of bite marks or injury. do you think that the shock of the fight might have caused some form of aggressive arthritis?

Our Advice: It is possible that and old injury from the fight in the joint is turned if to arthritis dew to the scar tissue formed as a result of the infection and the inflammation. I would advise you to book appointment at your local vets they will check Gus over and if this is the case they will put him on anti inflammatory. I would not advise you to use human pain killers. They are usually toxic for dogs.