Dog Allergies

Animal: Dpg
Breed: Cross

Pet Symptoms: She does not scratch her body. her skin is fine and coat good. she just rubs her ears eyes body along the floor and chairs and licks her groin and where she wees from and her front paws.

Our Advice: It sounds like an allergy, although not responding well to normal treatments.

I think your next step would ideally either be referral to a dermatologist and possible allergy tests (intradermal testing or bloods) or biopsies – although these don’t often yield a diagnosis.

There are some medications available that might help if steroid hasn’t made a difference – apoquel is a new medication for skin allergies/atopy or atopica has been around a bit longer, but is more expensive.

I think the best option would be to discuss referral to see a dermatologist if your own vet is at a loss as you describe.