Doesn’t Want any Stroking or Cuddles

Animal: Cat
Breed: Not indicated

Pet Symptoms:  Hi there, have a question about my kitten.. She is 4 months now, we have her since she was 8 weeks.. The problem is she is scared for example when I walk towards her, she doesn’t want at all any stroking or cuddles… Unless I catch her and start stroking her and after a while she starts like it and she purr…. Doesn’t really wants to be close us… Unless I start play with her then she comes close and behaves like she is ok with it and after I finish play she can just stay and chill next to me… But sometimes is like she ” realises” she not suppose to do that and then she runs away…? Only sometimes she comes closer… But as soon as I move she runs away… I know I shouldn’t probably force her to be more friendly… Catch her all the time because result could be even worse… But is there anything I can do do make her more friendly and not to be scared like this most of the time? She is really lovely and sweet but so “wild” plus we got another cat girl 7 months.. They r very good with each other.. She is not scared of her… But us, humans. I know cats have their own way to be and we can’t force them to do stuff we want them to do, but can I make her to be more social? Oh, she is ragdoll crossed with Persian if this maybe have anything to do with the specific behaviour.

Our Advice: Some cats are more independent and they do not like to be picked up or forced to have cuddles. I would advise you to let Maya come to you when she want to play or have a cuddle. If you are forcing her that will make the problem worse. If she is a stressed kitten you can try to use Feliway difusser (pheromones for stress) and Zylkene 75 mg once per day ( dried milk from mother queen)