Discomfort after vaccination

Animal: Cat
Breed: Tabby

Pet Symptoms: I took my cat for his annual check up on Wednesday and all is fine – as soon as he came back was straight out of the cat-flap and since then doesn’t seem to want to be in the house, or come in through the cat-flap and seems really nervous. He is eating fine, just not staying in the house at all and I don’t know if I should do anything? he has been sitting outside crying to come in though – and since we had the cat-flap fitted he has used it no problems.

Our Advice: A lot of patients can be a bit upset following annual check ups and vaccinations, but the vast majority will return to normal within 24-48 h.

A small amount of discomfort or swelling can occur at the vaccine site and sometimes they can be a bit lethargic. Any symptoms persisting longer than 1-2 days would be worth speaking to your vet about and if there are any clinical symptoms like swelling or soreness then these can be reported to the vaccine company, but they almost always resolve without treatment.

If behaviour continues to be different from normal then you could try to use products like feliway (http://www.feliway.com/uk) or zylkene for reducing stress and promoting relaxed, calm behaviour. Sometimes new cats in a neighbourhood or changes to the house, visitors etc over the Christmas period could affect Bob too, so making sure he has places to relax and hide away if your house is busy at this time of year can help too.