Animal: Dog
Breed: Staffy

Pet Symptoms: Woke up this morning to find are dog had bad case diarrhoea and now he can’t walk on his rear left leg.

Our Advice: I wouldn’t think the 2 problems are related, and if they persist it may be best to see your vet so they can have a look at the leg and localise the problem, maybe treating him with pain relief medications if required. If he is doing ok then resting him for a few days (shorter walks, keep on lead, avoid stairs/jumping on and off things etc) and this may help the leg settle if it’s just a sprain or a strain.

Diarrhoea can be an issue for giving medications as some of them can have side effects and we try to avoid if the patient has any GI symptoms such as diarrhoea or vomiting. Most cases in dogs are short-lived and due to eating things they shouldn’t – so keeping his fluids up and maybe looking at a few days on a bland diet (hills ID/Royal canin gastrointestinal/chicken and rice etc) will usually settle the problem. If he is unvaccinated then parvovirus can be a problem too – this would maybe require more aggressive treatment. Dogs should also be wormed every 3 months (in some case more frequently) so if this hasn’t been done then a wormer would be a good idea as well – drontal is generally available without prescription from vets and pet shops and treats everything that the prescription wormers do in terms of GI parasites as well.

I hope this is of some help, if either symptom persists for more than a few days then seeing your vet should help to diagnose the problem and they can then discuss treatment with you.