Diarrhea in Rabbits

Animal: Rabbit
Breed: Lop Dwarf

Pet Symptoms: Red mucus jelly like substance stuck in clumps of hay around the cage, and coming from rabbits bottom.

Our Advice: I would advise seeing a vet. This could be coming from the bowel or the bladder – both openings are quite close together in rabbits and we can see either cystitis or bowel problems like diarrhoea in rabbits commonly. Both can present with bloody looking material – fluid or mucus. Rabbits can become quite rapidly unwell with either of these problems if left untreated.

I would contact your vet and make sure they are happy to see rabbits (some people don’t see them regularly so it’s worth inquiring before making the journey) and they can hopefully localize and treat the problem.

There is some excellent info on diet and feeding on the rabbit welfare association website (as well as some info on common rabbit health problems too) here:


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